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ArtikelLeft v Right; Israel's Courts  
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Jenis: Article from Bulletin/Magazine
Dalam koleksi: The Economist ( vol. 401 no. 8760 (Nov. 2011), page 44-45.
Topik: Rape; Liberalism; Supreme Court Decisions; Conservatism; Power; Political Behavior; Judiciary
Fulltext: Israel's Court.pdf (37.36KB)
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Isi artikelWhereas Israel's voters have been moving to the nationalist and religious right, most of its top judges have clung to a more liberal and secular view of the world. On Nov 10, 2011 Salim Joubran, one of three Supreme Court judges deciding the fate of the country's former president, Moshe Katzav, upheld his conviction for rape. Liberal Israelis, however, complain that legislators in Binyamin Netanyahu's ruling national-religious coalition are seeking to destroy this pluralistic ethos in the courts, as well as in other institutions of state, including the armed forces and civil service. In particular, worried liberals cite a series of bills apparently designed to promote right-wingers to the Supreme Court.
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