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ArtikelEmphasizing Characters in Story of Mahabratha in Teaching Students of Isi Denpasar  
Oleh: Malini, Ni Luh Nyoman Seri ; Yulianti, Ni Ketut Dewi
Jenis: Article from Proceeding
Dalam koleksi: 58th TEFLIN International Conference: Language Teaching and Character Building, Semarang, 3rd-5th November 2011, page 1-8.
Topik: Character; Performing arts; Building
Isi artikelTeaching English for the students of ISI (Indonesian Institute of the Arts) Denpasar is different from teaching the students of English Department. The interest of the students of mastering English is very poor especially for the students of Performing Arts Faculty, since their focuses are mostly on practicing playing gamelan, dancing, and playing the puppets. ISI Denpasar has two faculties, namely Fine Arts and Design Faculty and Performing Arts Faculty. The students of Fine Arts and Design Faculty show greater interest in learning English. They have more need and chance to deal with the internet, therefore they can improve their English through the interaction of technology properly. On the contrary, the students of Performing Arts Faculty spend more of their times for performing arts for entertainment and also for devotion at the temple. This paper will discuss about the method of teaching the students of Performing Arts students with the focus on emphasizing characters in story of Mahabratha which becomes the source of some performing arts theme in order to invite and attract the interest of the students in learning English. In addition to it, the students are also invited to perform and practice each character of the story of Mahabratha in a scene, so that they can understand both good and evil characters in order to build their character.
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