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ArtikelSimulation and Quality Improvement in Anesthesiology  
Oleh: Park, Christine S.
Jenis: Article from Journal - ilmiah internasional
Dalam koleksi: Anesthesiology Clinics (keterangan: ada di ClinicalKey) vol. 29 no. 01 (Mar. 2011), page 13-28.
Topik: QUALITY IMPROVEMENT; Simulation; Translational; Assessment; Latent condition; Maintenance of certification
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Isi artikelSimulation, a strategy for improving the quality and safety of patient care, is used for the training of technical and nontechnical skills and for training in teamwork and communication. This article reviews simulation-based research, with a focus on anesthesiology, at 3 different levels of outcome: (1) as measured in the simulation laboratory, (2) as measured in clinical performance, and (3) as measured in patient outcomes. It concludes with a discussion of some current uses of simulation, which include the identification of latent failures and the role of simulation in continuing professional practice assessment for anesthesiologists.
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