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ArtikelArab Attributions for The Attack on America : The Case of Lebanese Subelites  
Oleh: Pratto, Felicia ; Levin, Shana ; Sidanius, Jim ; Henry, P.J.
Jenis: Article from Journal - ilmiah internasional
Dalam koleksi: Journal of Cross-Cultural Psychology ( vol. 35 no. 4 (Jul. 2004), page 403-416.
Topik: attribution; group dominance; terrorism; clash of civilizations
Fulltext: 403.pdf (206.12KB)
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Isi artikelThere are at least two major ways of understanding the attributions that arab young people used to explain the september 11th attack on the world trade center : a. in terms of a so - called clash of civilizations or an ingerent conflict between muslim and western values or b. in terms of an antidominance reaction to perceived american and israeli oppression of arabs in general and palestinians in particular. The authors compare the relative validities of these two framings using a sample of Lebanese students from the american university of beirut. The results from analysis of variance, regression, and structural equation modeling showed strong, clear and consistent support for the antidominance attributions and essentially no support for the clash - of - civilizations attributions.
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