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ArtikelA Man and a Morass  
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Jenis: Article from Bulletin/Magazine
Dalam koleksi: The Economist ( vol. 399 no. 8735 (May 2011), page 28-30.
Topik: Politics; Corruption in Government; Public Opinion
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Isi artikelGoodluck Jonathan, the president of Nigeria, wafts along on a wave of personal goodwill and is mostly seen as benign. It is the men and women around him whom voters blame for Nigeria's woes. With Mr Jonathan's inauguration on May 29th, and the formation of a new government, many expect a turnaround. Two-thirds of Nigerians think the election will change their lives, according to a poll conducted by the International Republican Institute, an American lobbying group. "We dream," says a girl shining shoes. "What else can we do?" The buoyant mood extends to the boardrooms and watering holes of Lagos, the business capital. A senior Western diplomat calls this "a real opportunity for Nigeria to kick itself into a new sphere". Though widely shared, that sentiment has not silenced the general dissatisfaction. If anything, it has grown louder as reform plans take shape and the rascal ways of the political class are unmistakably identified as the main reason for the lack of prosperity. The economy may be growing by 7% a year, but this feeds mostly the greedy mouths closest to government troughs. The problem is not simply one of embezzlement and bribery. The entire state machinery exists to siphon off cash.
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