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ArtikelSouthern European Environmental Movements in Comparative Perspective  
Oleh: Kousis, Maria ; Porta, Donatella Della ; Jiménez, Manuel
Jenis: Article from Journal - e-Journal
Dalam koleksi: American Behavioral Scientist vol. 51 no. 11 (Jul. 2008), page 1627-1647.
Topik: Environmental Protest; Southern Europe; Environmental Politics; Protest Event Analysis; Evironmental Movement; European Union; Mediterranean
Fulltext: 06. Southern European Environmental Movements in Comparative Perspective.pdf (125.8KB)
Isi artikelDifferential national responses to the European Union's environmental policy have led to the idea that two worlds of environmentalism exist in Europe. In its harsh version, Europe is divided into North and South, with the South suffering from a Mediterranean syndrome. Southern European countries are viewed as environmental laggards, a perception attributed to, among other factors, a weak civil society intertwined with political systems characterized by patronage, clientelism, and lack of respect for public authority. This article provides new evidence documenting that civil society in Greece, Italy, and Spain appears to be much stronger on environmental matters than anticipated by the proponents of the above view. It also offers an alternative theorization of environmental politics, emphasizing aspects of organizational structures and political processes.
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