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ArtikelEffects of Web-Based Spaced Repetition on Vocabulary Retention of Foreign Language Learners  
Oleh: Baturay, Meltem ; Yildirim, Soner ; Daloglu, Aysegül
Jenis: Article from Journal
Dalam koleksi: Eurasian Journal of Educational Research vol. 34 (2009), page 17-36.
Topik: Web-based education; spaced repetition; interactive language learning environments; vocabulary retention; multimedia
Fulltext: Effects of Web-Based Spaced Repetition on Vocabulary Retention of Foreign Language Learners.pdf (419.52KB)
Isi artikelProblem Statement: Computers are considered to be powerful tools supporting the process of teaching and learning, and it has been declared that ICT has particularly changed the language-learning environment and settings. The studies on technology with language learning have usually been comparative studies on the effectiveness of a new technology with more traditional ways of learning. Thus, there is a need for studies evaluating the instructional methodology of technology-supported language learning and teaching environments so that one can determine the nature of learning through technology and why there is a need for method-based educational software. Purpose of Study: The aim of this study was to examine the effects of webbased supplementary material on intermediate level English language learners’ vocabulary retention by presenting the vocabulary items to them through spaced repetitions. WEBVOCLE, a web-based vocabulary learning system in which the contextual presentation of the words was enriched with audio and visual multimedia resources and the retention of the words was enhanced with ‘spaced repetitions’, was used as a supplementary vocabulary development material. Methods: Three modules and their repetitions, consisting of texts and exercises such as multiple choice, gap-filling and cloze tests, were made accessible to learners on the web. The study consisted of 69 participants, and it was implemented during the spring semester of 2006-2007. Participants were given vocabulary retention tests to measure their vocabulary development. Findings and Results: Based on the results of the study, it could be concluded that WEBVOCLE proved to be effective in increasing the retention of participants’ vocabulary through spaced repetitions. Conclusions and Recommendations: In the study, media was just a mode for instruction to be delivered, and the applied method and pedagogical principles played prominent roles. It is recommended that future designs of computer-mediated language projects should utilize language teaching and learning strategies, methodologies and principles in their instructional design process with the necessary inquiry and precedence over simple technological learning.
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