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ArtikelFamily influence on the first stages of the trajectory of patients diagnosed with severe psychiatric disorders  
Oleh: Carpentier, Normand ; Lesage, Alain ; White, Deena
Jenis: Article from Bulletin/Magazine
Dalam koleksi: Family Relations vol. 48 no. 40 (Oct. 1999), page 397-403.
Topik: care trajectory; life course; severe mental illness; family perspective
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Isi artikelThis study describes and analyzes the first stages of the care trajectory of psychiatric patients from the standpoint of family perceptions and actions. Six types of trajectories were identified based on three variables: patie11t's condition and situation. response from health and social services, and family network configuration. Families are central players at the first stage of the care trajectory and long-term preventive intervention conducted by school services or general practitioners have proven beneficial and have permitted a progressive and harmonious entry into specialized mental health care.
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