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Artikel‘Film Culture Learning’: English In Actions  
Oleh: Nafisah, Nia ; Mardiani, Henny
Jenis: Article from Proceeding
Dalam koleksi: 57th TEFLIN International Conference: Revitaziling professionalis in ELT as a response to the globlazed world, Bandung, 1-3 November 2010
Topik: Culture; Literature; and Linguistics; international language; film; culture learning; intercultural understanding
Fulltext: Nia Nafisah & Henny Mardiani.pdf (120.54KB)
Isi artikelSince English has become the international language, there are varieties of English in which the British and American English are no longer the standard of ‘correct’ English. In addition, the fact that culture is inherent in language learning increases the complexity of teaching and learning English. These raise a problem of what kind of English and which cultural basis should be taught in EFL classroom. In line with Smith’s proposition (1976, as cited in McKay, 2004) that an international language does not necessitate cultural norms of its native speakers but serves as the medium of communication, it is imperative that the teaching and learning English involves exposure to different kinds of culture in international context. One of the ways to teach English through cullture is by giving films. This paper addresses the issue of using films in teaching English and referring the cultures attached to it. It covers a step-by-step guide to making up a successful film watching and examining the students for intercultural understanding. Furthermore, it discusses the effectiveness of the activity.
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