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ArtikelIn vitro developmental potential of macaque oocytes, derived from unstimulated ovaries, following maturation in the presence of glutathione ethyl ester  
Oleh: Curnow, E.C. ; Ryan, J.P. ; Saunders, D.M.
Jenis: Article from Journal - ilmiah internasional
Dalam koleksi: Human Reproduction vol. 25 no. 10 (Oct. 2010), page 2465-2474.
Topik: * male pronucleus formation * oocyte glutathione * primate oocyte maturation * oxidative stress * spindle morphology
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Isi artikel BACKGROUND The inadequacies of oocyte in vitro maturation (IVM) systems for both non-human primates and humans are evidenced by reduced fertilization and poor embryonic development, and may be partly explained by significantly lower glutathione (GSH) contents compared with in vivo matured (IVO) oocytes. As this influence has not been fully explored, this study investigated the effect of the GSH donor, glutathione ethyl ester (GSH-OEt), on the IVM and development of macaque oocytes as a model of human oocyte IVM. METHODS Macaque oocytes derived from unstimulated ovaries were cultured in mCMRL-1066 alone or supplemented with 3 or 5 mM GSH-OEt. In vitro matured oocytes were subjected to the GSH assay, fixed for the assessment of spindle morphology or prepared ICSI. Embryo development of zygotes cultured in mHECM-9 was assessed up to Day 9 post-ICSI. RESULTS Supplementation of the maturation medium with GSH-OEt significantly increased oocyte maturation and normal fertilization rates compared with control oocytes, but only 5 mM GSH-OEt significantly increased the oocyte and cumulus cell GSH content. Confocal microscopy revealed significant differences in the spindle morphology between IVO and control in vitro matured metaphase II oocytes. Oocytes matured with 5 mM GSH-OEt exhibited spindle area and spindle pole width similar to that seen in the IVO oocyte. While no significant differences were observed in blastocyst rates, addition of 3 mM GSH-OEt during IVM significantly increased the proportion of embryos developing to the 5–8 cell stage while 5 mM GSH-OEt significantly increased the proportion of morula-stage embryos compared with controls. CONCLUSIONS Supplementation of the IVM medium with GSH-OEt promotes better maturation and normal fertilization of macaque oocytes compared with non-supplemented medium. However, further improvement of the primate oocyte IVM culture system is required to support better blastocyst development of oocytes derived from unstimulated ovaries.
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