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Artikel'New' Media, 'Old' Theories : Does The (National) Public Melt Into The Air of Global Governance?  
Oleh: Splichal, Slavko
Jenis: Article from Article
Dalam koleksi: European Journal of Communication vol. 24 no. 4 (2010), page 391-405.
Topik: Globalization; Governance; New Media; Publicity; Public Opinion; Public Sphere
Fulltext: 391.full.pdf (143.32KB)
Isi artikelSince its earliest conceptualizations, publicity was believed to contribute significantly to the democratic social order; it normatively legitimized the press and other media as constitutive of the public and public opinion. Yet all the ‘old’ mass media rooted in the property rights of their owners failed to enhance and complement the corporate freedom of the press with technologically-feasible actions towards equalizing citizens’ opportunities to participate in public debates. The most recent technological advances in communication do not seem to resolve this age-old controversy. Rather, an attempt is needed to change the media in the way that would allow of publicity in its original three-dimensional design: personal right to communicate in public, surveillance of the public over government (governance), and mediation between the state and civil society. j
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