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ArtikelAdolescents' Exposure to Sexually Explicit Material on the Internet  
Oleh: Peter, Jochen ; Valkenburg, Patti M.
Jenis: Article from Journal - ilmiah internasional
Dalam koleksi: Communication Research vol. 33 no. 2 (Apr. 2006), page 178-204.
Topik: pornography; gender differences; sensation seeking; life satisfaction; Internet use
Fulltext: Vol 33, no 2, page 178-204.pdf (157.2KB)
Isi artikelDrawing on a survey of 745 Dutch adolescents ages 13 to 18, the authors investigated (a) the occurrence and frequency of adolescents’ exposure to sexually explicit material on the Internet and (b) the correlates of this exposure. Seventy-one percent of the male adolescents and 40% of the female adolescents had been exposed to some kind of online sexually explicit material in the 6 months prior to the interview. Adolescents were more likely to be exposed to sexually explicit material online if they were male, were high sensation seekers, were less satisfied with their lives, were more sexually interested, used sexual content in other media more often, had a fast Internet connection, and had friends that were predominantly younger. Among male adolescents, a more advanced pubertal status was also associated with more frequent exposure to online sexually explicit material. Among female adolescents, greater sexual experience decreased exposure to online sexually explicit material.
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