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ArtikelMars—The Telescopic Evidence  
Oleh: Ross, Daniel
Jenis: Article from Books - E-Book
Dalam koleksi: Suppressed Inventions & Other Discoveries, page 382-396.
Topik: True story; Mars; Telescopic Evidence
Fulltext: EJ SIOD 382-396.pdf (105.26KB)
Isi artikelWhen the spaceships appeared in the late 1940s, and sightings reports began to number in the thousands, scientific specialists advising government and military authorities believed that Venus and Mars were the origin of the spacecraft. They were more certain after recovering a few ships that had crashed near our atomic test sites. Then an almost impenetrable security lid came down, to censor any evidence from official sources that life existed beyond the earth. A Silence Group, working for those in entrenched worldly positions, infiltrated secret departments and intelligence agencies to insure that confirmation would never come from official sources or government. Public or private institutions, being generally conservative in matters of science, were unlikely to speculate on the UFO evidence, but in any event, those institutions would not have the means to confirm the origin of the visiting spaceships.
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