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ArtikelAntigravity on the Rocks: The T.T. Brown Story  
Oleh: Manning, Jeane
Jenis: Article from Books - E-Book
Dalam koleksi: Suppressed Inventions & Other Discoveries, page 277-285.
Topik: True story; Antigravity; T.T. Brown Story
Fulltext: EJ SIOD 277-285.pdf (65.83KB)
Isi artikelT. Townsend Brown was jubilant when he returned from France in 1956. The soft-spoken scientist had a solid clue which could lead to fuelless space travel. His saucer-shaped discs flew at speeds of up to several hundred miles per hour, with no moving parts. One thing he was certain of— the phenomena should be investigated by the best scientific institutions. Surely now the science establishment would admit that he really had something. Although the tall, lean physicist—handsome, in a gangly way—was a humble man, even shy, he confidently took his good news to a top-ranking officer he knew in Washington, D.C.
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