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ArtikelEgyptian History and Cosmic Catastrophe: The Ideas of Dr. Immanuel Velikovsky  
Oleh: Gerard
Jenis: Article from Books - E-Book
Dalam koleksi: Suppressed Inventions & Other Discoveries, page 207-214.
Topik: True story; Egyptian--History; Cosmic Catastrophe; Immanuel Velikovsky (Dr.)
Fulltext: EJ SIOD 207-214.pdf (99.87KB)
Isi artikelDr. Immanuel Velikovsky was one of the twentieth century's great scholars. He sought to solve a mystery and in the process generated enormous controversy in the fields of archaeology, astronomy and cosmology. The attack by many members of the scientific community on his work, their attempts to intimidate his publisher and suppress his evidence have made Velikovsky the Galileo of our time. The story starts in 1939. Then Dr. Velikovsky, a practising psychoanalyst who had studied with Freud, went to the U.S. to research a book on three dominant figures of the ancient Mediterranean—Moses, Oedipus and Akhnaton. When he was nearly complete a question arose about the time of the Exodus of the Hebrews from Egypt. Although recorded in detail by the Hebrews there was no equivalent record in Egyptian history. Why?
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