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ArtikelDoes Medicine Have a Bad Attitude?  
Oleh: Carter, James P.
Jenis: Article from Books - E-Book
Dalam koleksi: Suppressed Inventions & Other Discoveries, page 007-018.
Topik: True Story; Medicine--Bad Attitude
Fulltext: EJ SIOD 007-018.pdf (85.3KB)
Isi artikelThe sort of excuse above has delayed medical discoveries for decades, even half-centuries. Canadian nutritionist Dr. David Rowland describes this repression of medical innovation as a bad attitude which he termed "arrogant ignorance." This negative attitude toward many great discoveries represents a tremendous ego threat. Today such negativity is compounded with the industrialization of medicine, which has brought on that "greed is good (for me)" philosophy expressed in the recent movie Wall Street. Segments of the medical profession take what they want when they can get it.
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