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ArtikelEtnisitas, Kebangsaan dan Gereja : Pergumulan Kristen di Indonesia pada Awal Abad XXI  
Oleh: Singgih, Emanuel Gerrit
Jenis: Article from Journal - ilmiah nasional - tidak terakreditasi DIKTI
Dalam koleksi: Jurnal Studi Pembangunan Interdisiplin vol. XV no. 2 (Aug. 2003), page 209-238.
Topik: ETNISITAS; gereja; kristen; etnisitas; HKBP; teologi
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Isi artikelAfter the reformation, there was a considerable shift in the discourse on nationalism in indonesia. For a long time people imagined that there is such an entity which is called indonesian, which comes out of the merging of many differnt tribal - groups. It does not meant that the tribes have vanished, but that nationalism is more important than tribalism, and that the interests of the tribe can never overrule the interest of the nation. But now the interests o fthe tribes are being included in the discourse on nationalism, using a relaticely new term, ethnicity. And so peole discussed the relationship between nationality and ethnicity. It is not always ethnicity that should be considered negatively while nationality be considered positively. Both have positive and negative sides. This change in the discourse is important for the protestant churches of indonesia, as there is not one protestant church in indonesia that is not an ethnic church. Despite that, the on - going discourse within the churches is always based on nationality or better, nationalism, as if the churches do not know what to do with their existence as ethnic churches. They can benefit much from this new awareness.
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