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ArtikelA Call for Feminist Research: A Limited Client Perspective  
Oleh: Murray, Kirsten
Jenis: Article from Journal - ilmiah internasional
Dalam koleksi: The Family Journal vol. 14 no. 02 (Apr. 2006), page 169-173.
Topik: feminist research; sociocultural context; trends; multiculturalism; feminist counseling and therapy
Fulltext: 169.pdf (72.11KB)
Isi artikelFeminist approaches embrace a counselor stance that is both collaborative and supportive, seeking client empowerment. On review of feminist family and couple counseling literature of the past 20 years using several academic databases, no research was found that explored a client’s experience of feminist-informed family and couple counseling. The author addresses the aims and trends of a systemic feminist approach and areas of limited research. Implications for attending to clients’ experiences of a feminist approach are also addressed from a multicultural, ethical, and political perspective.
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