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Artikel On monopoly in business ethics: Can philosophy do it all?  
Oleh: Camenisch, Paul F.
Jenis: Article from Journal - ilmiah internasional
Dalam koleksi: Journal of Business Ethics vol. 5 no. 6 (Dec. 1986), page 433.
Topik: Monopoly; Business Ethics; Philosophy; Religious Ethics
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Isi artikelArguing that the grounding of philosophical ethics is more complex than De George's reference to reason and human experience reflects, and that religious ethics is less doctrinaire and less given to indoctrination than De George suggests, Camenisch maintains that De George has portrayed an artifically wide gap between the two fields. Rejecting De George's typology of religious ethics as unhelpful, Camenisch suggests that the crucial distinction between philosophical and religious/theological ethics is the community or lived nature of the latter. The implications of this dimension of religious ethics for business ethics is briefly explored in relation to the use of cases, the role of the lives of moral exemplars, corporate responsibility, and obligations to future generations, to indicate not that religious ethics generates answers different from those of philosophy, but that it provides a different perspective on some central moral matters.
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