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ArtikelA Secure And Energy-Efficient Scheme For Group-Based Routing In Heterogeneous Ad Hoc Sensor Networks And Its Simulation Analysis  
Oleh: Ramachandran, Chandrasekar ; Obaidat, Mohammad S. ; Misra, Sudip ; Peña-Mora, Feniosky
Jenis: Article from Journal - ilmiah internasional
Dalam koleksi: Simulation vol. 84 no. 2 (Feb. 2008), page 131-148.
Topik: fuzzy logic; sensor networks; routing; modeling and simulation; performance evaluation
Fulltext: 131.pdf (567.16KB)
Isi artikelWe present Fuzzy Group-Based Routing Algorithm (FGRA), a secure, energy-efficient scheme for routing in sensor networks. In this scheme, we consider the formation of multipaths for routing. Using fuzzy logic for generating decisions of forwarding or withholding packets, we show that our scheme is robust, efficient and scalable for a large number of nodes. In our scheme, routing takes place with the help of groups of nodes, which includes situations when the nodes are disconnected. We incorporate security in the design of our routing algorithm by using a mobile-agents-based approach. Our scheme is data-centric where named data packets are considered as the focal point of the system, and in this way it can be adapted for any application. We perform some simulations in NS2, and demonstrate that our scheme shows good performance results with scope for additional research.
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