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ArtikelTo Have and to Have Not: The Socioeconomics of Charter Schools  
Oleh: Bancroft, Kim
Jenis: Article from Journal - ilmiah internasional
Dalam koleksi: Education And Urban Society vol. 41 no. 02 (Jan. 2009), page 248-279.
Topik: charter schools; socioeconomic context; school reform
Fulltext: 248.pdf (140.05KB)
Isi artikelThis year-long ethnographic study analyzed three California charter middle schools: one served mostly low-income, urban African American students; the second served students from working class Latino families; and the third served a middle class, predominantly White suburb. The study illustrates how socioeconomic context of a charter school’s community, combined with charter reforms, affect school operations. Significantly, charters serving poor students lacked resources to fulfill their needs, and teachers lacked necessary professional development. As a result of financial and pedagogical difficulties, some charters took a more selective approach to finding students who would help the school, and its teachers, succeed.
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