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ArtikelSchool Structural Characteristics, Student Effort, Peer Associations, and Parental Involvement: The Influence of School- and Individual-Level Factors on Academic Achievement  
Oleh: Stewart, Endya B.
Jenis: Article from Journal - ilmiah internasional
Dalam koleksi: Education And Urban Society vol. 40 no. 02 (Jan. 2008), page 179-204.
Topik: academic achievement; student characteristics; school structure
Fulltext: 179.pdf (133.18KB)
Isi artikelThis research examines the extent to which individual-level and school structural variables are predictors of academic achievement among a sample of 10thgrade students abstracted from the National Educational Longitudinal Study database. A secondary analysis of the data produced the following findings. The study results show that individual-level predictors, such as student effort, parent–child discussion, and associations with positive peers, play a substantial role in increasing students’ achievement. Furthermore, the results also suggest that school climate—in particular, the sense of school cohesion felt by students, teachers, and administrators—is important to successful student outcomes. In total, school structural characteristics were found to have relatively small effects on student achievement when compared with individual-level characteristics. Given these results, interventions aimed at improving academic achievement need take into consideration the impact of individual-level and school structural factors on students and their ability to succeed.
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