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ArtikelBeyond the Charter Schoolhouse Door: Teacher-Perceived Autonomy  
Oleh: Gawlik, Marytza A.
Jenis: Article from Journal - ilmiah internasional
Dalam koleksi: Education And Urban Society vol. 39 no. 4 (Aug. 2007), page 524-553.
Topik: charter schools; organizational theory; teacher autonomy
Fulltext: 524.pdf (134.34KB)
Isi artikelThis article presents a study that explores the relationship between charter schools and teacher autonomy. The theoretical framework is based on the charter school concept, whereby three policy levers—choice, deregulation, and accountability—lead to various goals for the charter school. One of the first and foremost of these is the enhancement of professional autonomy and opportunities for teachers. The assumption is that teachers who select the schools they want to work at will be more willing to invest their time and energy and be more dedicated to the school. Although charter school legislation has provided significant autonomy for professionals in exchange for accountability, the school-based initiatives that have been under way suggest that the autonomy is not always present.
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