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ArtikelMachines to Crystallize Time: Bergson  
Oleh: Lazzarato, Maurizio
Jenis: Article from Journal - ilmiah internasional
Dalam koleksi: Theory, Culture & Society vol. 24 no. 6 (Nov. 2007), page 93-122.
Topik: affect ¦ Bergson ¦ intellectual labour ¦ subjectivity
Fulltext: 93.pdf (210.04KB)
Isi artikelWe are interested in Bergson because he describes natural perception as a relation between flows [flux] of images, between ‘durations’ and different rhythms. This relation between flows is guaranteed functionally by the body, consciousness and memory, which operate as true interfaces, introducing a time of indeterminacy, elaboration and choice into the flux of flows [l’écoulement des flux]. Video and information technologies operate on exactly the same principle, cutting an interval into the flux of flows, permitting a specific machinic organisation of the relation between signifying and a-signifying flows. Here the functional relation is guaranteed by a technological arrangement [agencement]. In Bergson the relation between flows is founded in the ‘capacity to act’ and in affective force. Thus Bergson allows us to avoid the problematics of the disappearance of the real and the visible, as he assures us that the real and the visible have always had a function in our ‘capacity to act’. He allows us to pose of the only reasonable question that can be addressed to these new technologies: to what degree of power [puissance, unless otherwise stated] do they correspond? Finally, he shows us the multiplicity and the heterogeneity of the elements and arrangements constituting subjectivity and the ‘higher activities’ of the mind, the solidarity and the conflict between the movements of matter, of the body and of consciousness on the basis of time. By thinking the genealogy of the faculties and the configuration of forces in another way, he allows us to construct a critique of the concept of intellectual labour and of subjectivity.
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