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ArtikelParticipatory action research in practice: a case study in addressing domestic violence in nine cultural communities.  
Oleh: Bhuyan, Rupaleem ; Senturia, Kirsten ; Shiu-Thornton, Sharyne ; Sullivan, Marianne ; Ciske, Sandy
Jenis: Article from Journal - ilmiah internasional
Dalam koleksi: Journal of Interpersonal Violence vol. 20 no. 8 (Aug. 2005), page 977.
Topik: Domestic Violence; Community-Based Participatory Action Research; Immigrant Women; Intimate Partner Violence; Methods
Fulltext: 977.pdf (119.13KB)
Isi artikelParticipatory action research (PAR) is increasingly recognized as a viable approach to developing relationships with communities and working closely with them to address complex public health problems. In the case of domestic violence research, where ensuring the safety of women participants who are battered is paramount, participatory approaches to research that include advocates and women who are battered in research design, implementation, analysis, and dissemination are critical to successful and mutually beneficial projects. This article presents a case study of a PAR project that conducted formative qualitative research on domestic violence in nine ethnic and sexual minority communities. The article describes the specific ways in which a PAR approach was operationalized and discusses in detail how community participation shaped various stages of the research. Furthermore, specific actions that resulted from the research project are reported.
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