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Artikel"Like a bird in a cage": vietnamese women survivors talk about domestic violence.  
Oleh: Sullivan, Marianne ; Senturia, Kirsten ; Shiu-Thornton, Sharyne
Jenis: Article from Journal - ilmiah internasional
Dalam koleksi: Journal of Interpersonal Violence vol. 20 no. 8 (Aug. 2005), page 959.
Topik: Domestic Violence; Vietnamese Refugee Women; Cross-Cultural Understanding; Refugee Women and Acculturation; Culture-Specific Strategies
Fulltext: 959.pdf (115.87KB)
Isi artikelIn recent years, a growing literature has emerged that explores the role of culture in domestic violence for ethnic minority populations, including immigrants and refugees. This article presents qualitative data collected from Vietnamese refugee women through a research project in partnership with the RefugeeWomen’s Alliance in Seattle, Washington. Through the women’s stories, their own self-awareness of domestic violence as Vietnamese women residing in the United States is available for reflection and review. Issues of acculturation, changing gender roles, examples of strength, and cultural persistence constitute the thematic structure within which these women articulate their needs for creating and sustaining a life free of abuse for themselves and their children.
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