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Artikel"No way out": russian-speaking women’s experiences with domestic violence.  
Oleh: Shiu-Thornton, Sharyne ; Crandall, Marie ; Senturia, Kirsten ; Sullivan, Marianne
Jenis: Article from Journal - ilmiah internasional
Dalam koleksi: Journal of Interpersonal Violence vol. 20 no. 8 (Aug. 2005), page 941.
Topik: Russian; Immigrant; Domestic Violence
Fulltext: 941.pdf (117.09KB)
Isi artikelThis article explores the experience of domestic violence and utilization of domestic violence resources among immigrant women who were Russian speaking. Participants, many of whom came to the United States as so-called mail-order brides, reported diverse forms of abuse, including isolation and financial restrictions, and were reluctant to get outside help because of embarrassment about their circumstances. Survivors stressed the importance of language- and culture-appropriate outreach and services and urged that women receive information about domestic violence services and laws on immigration. Assistance with housing, child care, and job searches is integral to safe transitions out of abusive relationships.
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