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ArtikelNew Proposals for Generating and Exploiting Solution-Oriented Knowledge  
Oleh: Gredig, Daniel ; Sommerfeld, Peter
Jenis: Article from Journal - e-Journal
Dalam koleksi: Research on Social Work Practice vol. 18 no. 4 (Jul. 2008), page 292-300.
Topik: professional action; social work; knowledge transfer; hybridization
Fulltext: 292.pdf (605.21KB)
Isi artikelThe claim that professional social work should be based on scientific knowledge is many decades old with knowledge transfer usually moving in the direction from science to practice. The authors critique this model of knowledge transfer and support a hybrid one that places more of an emphasis on professional knowledge and action occurring in the real world. The authors particularly focus on the organizational contexts in which social work practice occurs in presenting a model of cooperative knowledge formation.
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