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ArtikelThe Effects of a Contingency Contracting Program on the Nocturnal Enuresis of Three Children  
Oleh: Stover, Anthony C. ; Dunlap, Glen ; Neff, Bryon
Jenis: Article from Journal - e-Journal
Dalam koleksi: Research on Social Work Practice vol. 18 no. 5 (Sep. 2008), page 421-428.
Topik: nocturnal enuresis; positive reinforcement; contingency contracting; foster children
Fulltext: 421.pdf (443.78KB)
Isi artikelObjective: This study was conducted to evaluate the effects of a contingency contracting program to eliminate nocturnal enuresis of three children ages 5 to 12. Methods: The program was implemented by the children’s primary caregivers, two of whom were foster parents and the third a case worker in the foster care system. The program was a package intervention that included a written contingency contract, positive reinforcement for dry nights, removal of pull-ups, and a morning clean-up procedure when nocturnal enuresis occurred. A nonconcurrent multiple baseline across children design was used to evaluate the effects of the intervention. Results: Results show that the contingency contracting program was effective in eliminating nocturnal enuresis across all three participants. Discussion: The results are discussed in relation to the advantages of behavioral, nonpharmacological approaches to nocturnal enuresis and to the particular importance of successfully resolving such problems for children who are in foster care.
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