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ArtikelThe Model-Free Direct Adaptive Predictive Control For A Class Of Discrete-Time Nonlinear System  
Oleh: Hou, Zhongsheng
Jenis: Article from Article
Dalam koleksi: Final Program and Book of Abstracts: The 4th Asian Control Conference, September 25-27, 2002 (Sep. 2002), page 519-524.
Topik: Predictive Control; Discrete-Time; Nonlinear System; MFDANPC; PID Control
Fulltext: AC021687.PDF (277.3KB)
Isi artikelA model-free direct adaptive nonlinear predictive control (MFDANPC) algorithm is described in this paper for a class of SISO nonlinear discrete-time systems. This scheme has no relations with any structural information, and it is designed only by the I/O data of the controlled system. A comparative simulation study is made between MFDANPC and classical PID control technique and model-free learning adaptive control based on long linearization form (MFLAC-L) and neural networks nonlinear adaptive control methods applied on the same nonlinear discrete-time plants in order to demonstrate the correctness and advantages of the MFDANPC scheme proposed.
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