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ArtikelDistillation Control, Computer Simulation, Multivariable System, Interactions, Decoupling Controller  
Oleh: Hadisupadmo, Sutanto ; Tjokronegoro, Harijono A. ; Soerawidjaja, Tatang Hernas
Jenis: Article from Article
Dalam koleksi: Final Program and Book of Abstracts: The 4th Asian Control Conference, September 25-27, 2002 (Sep. 2002), page 2002-2007.
Topik: Decoupling Controller; Binary Distillation Column
Fulltext: AC021638.PDF (252.11KB)
Isi artikelThe control difficulties in high purity distillation column has been overcomed by implementing a decoupler controller. The L, V control configuration was chosen to manipulate the distillate and bottom compositions, and the condenser and reboiler levels. The decoupler will be canceling the effect distillate composition for the bottom composition change, and the decoupler will cancel the effect of bottom composition by the distillate composition. The results show that the control response has no offset. The low feed composition changes of 0.5±0.1 kmol/min. shows better response than the feed flow rate of 1±0.2 kmol/min
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