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ArtikelSelf-Tuning Pi Controller For Multivariable Systems With Uncertain Time-Delays  
Oleh: Tokuda, M. ; Yamamoto, T. ; Monden, Y. ; Ozaki, K. ; Habata, O.
Jenis: Article from Article
Dalam koleksi: Final Program and Book of Abstracts: The 4th Asian Control Conference, September 25-27, 2002 (Sep. 2002), page 238-243.
Topik: PID Control; Time Delays; Pi Controller
Fulltext: AC021451.PDF (195.84KB)
Isi artikelIn process industries, PID control schemes have been widely used due to their simple structures and easiness of comprehending the physical meanings of control parameters. However, since most processes are considered as multivariable systems with mutual interactions, time variation, and uncertain time-delays, the good control performance can not be obtained by simply using PID control schemes. In this paper, the design method of multiloop self-tuning PI control system with the time-delay compensator at every loop, is proposed for a multivariable system whose system parameters and time-delays can not be exactly obtained beforehand. Finally, the effectiveness of the proposed control scheme is evaluated on a simulation example of a cement mixing plant.
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