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ArtikelHome Study Program for Pastoral Care in Health in Latin America  
Oleh: Marco, Manuel
Jenis: Article from Bulletin/Magazine
Dalam koleksi: Dolentium Hominum vol. 5 no. 15 (1990), page 49-50.
Topik: Home Study Program; Pastoral Care; Health; Latin America
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Isi artikelIn Latin America the pastoral care of the sick has expanded in recent years. Each Bishops' Conference has now organized its Secretariat or Section for this ministry, and in various countries national meetings are held which bring together different pastoral workers from the dioceses and hospitals. CELAM also held its first Meeting on "Church and Health in Latin America," where it was seen to be necessary and iportant to go on training new workers who can carry forward the varied programs required for the evangelization of the world of suffering and health care.
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