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ArtikelStrategic Reward Systems : A Contingency Model of Pay System Design  
Oleh: Boyd, Brian K. ; Salamin, Alain
Jenis: Article from Journal - ilmiah internasional
Dalam koleksi: Strategic Management Journal vol. 22 no. 8 (2001), page 777-792.
Topik: STRATEGIC; compensation; contingency theory; managerial discretion; international
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Isi artikelA limited number of studies have addressed the idea of "strategic" reward systems - the matching of compensation systems to a firm's strategy. Prior research on this topic has been congined to U. S. firms, however, and a number of key questions remain unanswered. Using a sample of 917 employees from two large swiss financial institutions, we found that pay systems are linked with dividional strategic orientation, but in a different form than prior studies. Additionaly, we identify hierarchical position as an improtant variable in the tailoring of reward systems. Hierarchy has a significant main effect on pay plan design, and an interactive effect with strategic orientation.
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