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ArtikelAre There Organic Unities  
Oleh: Dancy, Jonathan
Jenis: Article from Journal - ilmiah internasional
Dalam koleksi: Ethics: An International Journal of Social Political and Legal Philosophy vol. 113 no. 3 (Apr. 2003), page 629-650.
Topik: Holism; organik; Moore; value theory
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Isi artikelIn this article I consider Moore's theory of organic unities,those 'wholes' whose value mayy be either more or less than the sum of the values of their parts. I start from a familiar claim, holism in theory of reason at all, or even an opposite reason in one case may be no reason at all, or even an opposite reason, in another. For present purposes I will call ' particularism' the application of this claim to ethics, so the particularist holds that a feature that is moral reason in one case need not be so in another.
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