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ArtikelRelative Standing and The Performance of Recently Acquired European Firms  
Oleh: Very, Philippe ; Lubatkin, Michael H. ; Calori, Roland ; Veiga, John F.
Jenis: Article from Journal - ilmiah internasional
Dalam koleksi: Strategic Management Journal vol. 18 no. 8 (1997), page 593-614.
Topik: MANAGEMENT; relative standing; mergers and acquisitions; europe
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Isi artikelThis study draws on the concepts of relative standing to explain the post - merger performance of recently acquired european firns. We used a 2 x 3 sampling design where we surveyed to managers of british and french firms that were acquired by british, french and U.S. firms as to their perceptions of cultural compatibility with the buying firms, their sense of loss of adequately explains the post - merger performance of both british and french firms, suggesting that this primarily "made - in - the - united states" organization theory extends beyond the cultural domain of the united states, we also found an aspect of the theory that reflects a possible cultured bias.
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