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ArtikelPemanfaatan View untuk Menjawab Query pada Sistem Integrasi Data Web  
Oleh: Ardanari, Patricia ; Hafsah
Jenis: Article from Journal - ilmiah nasional
Dalam koleksi: Jurnal Teknologi Industri vol. 7 no. 3 (Jul. 2003), page 147-154.
Topik: Data Web; Query; View; Bucket Algorithm; Inverse-Rules Algorithm
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Isi artikelThe emergence of the internet as the de facto global information infrastructure and the advances in networking and telecommunications have made a great number of information sources available on-line, especially on the web. The task of web infonnazion integration system is to answer queries that may require extracting and combining data from multiple web sources. Information integration system are based on a general architecture, where user interacts with a uniform interface in the form of a set virtual relation names that are used in formulating queries. The actual data is stored in external sources, called the source relations. In order for the system to be able to answer queries, we must specify a mapping between the virtual relations and the sources relations. The problem of answering queries using views has recently received significant attention because of its relevance to a wide variety of data management problems: queiy optimization, maintenance of physical data independence, data integration and data warehouse design. The Algorithms that can be der ved from this theories are Bucket algorithm and In verse-Rules algorithm.
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