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ArtikelPerancangan Sistem Pendukung Diagnosis Berbasis Komputer untuk Penyakit Anak-Anak  
Oleh: Nasution, Arman Hakim ; Widodo, Erwin
Jenis: Article from Journal - ilmiah nasional
Dalam koleksi: Jurnal Teknologi Industri vol. 7 no. 1 (Jan. 2003), page 51-58.
Topik: Pediatrics Diseases; Decision Support System; DSS; Diagnosis; Recovery and Health Treatment Procedures for Children
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Isi artikelConcerning conic restrictions in public medical servicer. some simple alternatives could he offered in medical support empowerment to increase doctor service-level efficiency or public empowerment in medical activities generally. Suppose we discover in detail about Indonsian eiti:enship structure (similar with other developing countries), we will find that the biggest proportion is citizen aged in child aged (from 0 to 12 rears). Base on this, design and construction of a i)ecision Support System (I)SS) for Pediatric is proper to he done. This DSS is proposed to he a supporting peripheral for doctors. medical representatives, medical students or parents with some considerations. This Pediatrics i)ecision Support systems is composed with consideration on ROMC (Representation. Operation. Memory Aids and Control Mechanism) and Iterative approaches. This research U.S medical diagnosis model on pediatric diseases classification based on type and its symptoms. First input for this DSS is actual symptoms which are suffered by the children. From this input, we might get the list of alternatives diseases which is suspected. Second output must be given by user as a confidence level which illustrate how big user confidence about con formitv of actual symptoms with clinical or laboratory symptoms which should he occur. Result of this phase is rank of diseases diagnosed. Output of this system is a suspected disease including its recovery and health treatment procedures for children. This procedure covers pharmaceutical detail, diet recommendation and therapy needed.
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