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ArtikelPembangunan Pertanian Berkelanjutan Berorientasi Pasar dan Ramah Lingkungan  
Oleh: Darwanto, Dwidjono Hadi
Jenis: Article from Bulletin/Magazine
Dalam koleksi: Bisnis dan ekonomi politik vol. 3 no. 3 (1999), page 55-62.
Topik: pertanian; pembangunan pertanian; pasar; ramah lingkungan
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Isi artikelThe agricultural policy in indonesia during the first three pelitas was severely based on increasing the quantity of rice as a staple food and maize as its substitution. That has brought indonesia to achieve the rice self - sufficiency level. However, the macro economic policy after the achievement that was shifted to the development of industry sector was left the agricultural sector behind, especially reflected by reducing the subsidy in agriculture. Consequently, beyond that period the growth of the food production was getting slower meanwhile the agricultultural production that was demanded by the feed manufactures, such as maize and soybean, was mostly fulfilled by import to speed up the growth of the livestock industry. On the other hand, the impor policy had harmed the domestic food production since that has driven the domestic price of food to become very low. In this circumstances the increase in price of input due to the reducing the input price subsidy discouraged the farmers to increase the fixed production. The economic crisis in indonesia nowadays had a contribution in worsening the food security system that was reflected by the low food availability as well as the accessibility of the most consumes to the food system. Regarding to the problems, the increase in food production or others and its distribution seems to be the grucial components of the solution. Reorientationin agricultural policy to the market mechanism is also needed since the severe government intervention had already driven the agricultural system to the biased market that disincentived the producers. The alternative concept of the agricultural policy named "market oriented environmentally sustainable agriculture" or MOESA is introduced to be considered as a solution of the agricultural problems.
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