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ArtikelRacial/Ethnic Disparities and Patient Safety  
Oleh: Flores, Glenn ; Ngui, Emmanuel
Jenis: Article from Journal - ilmiah internasional
Dalam koleksi: Pediatric Clinics of North America vol. 53 no. 06 (Dec. 2006), page 1197.
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Isi artikelThe number of racial/ethnic minority children will exceed the number of non-latino white children in the United states by 2030, but little is known about racial/ethnic disparities in patient safety, particularly when it comes to children. A literature review revealed several racial/ethnic disparities in pediatric patient safety. A new conceptual model is proposed for understanding racial/ethnic disparities in patient safety for minority children could be achieved by routinely collecting and monitoring parental self-reported data on race/ethnicity, language, and English proficiency; enhancing the cultural competency of health care providers and staff; and providing adequate language service for all limited english-proficient patients and their families.
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