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BukuThe handbook of language and gender
Author: Holmes, Janet, 1947- (Editor); Meyerhoff, Miriam (Editor)
Bahasa: (EN )    ISBN: 0-631-22503-X(Pb)    
Penerbit: Blackwell     Tempat Terbit: Oxford    Tahun Terbit: 2004    
Jenis: Books - Reference
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    • Nomor Panggil: R 344.66044 HAN
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Artikel dalam koleksi ini
  1. Different voices, different views: an introduction to current research in language and gender, halaman 1-17
  2. Theorizing gender in sociolinguistics and linguistic anthropology, halaman 21-42
  3. Theories of discourse as theories of gender: discourse analysis in language and gender studies, halaman 43-68
  4. 'What's in a name?" social labeling and gender practices, halaman 69-97
  5. Variation in language and gender, halaman 98-118
  6. Language and desire, halaman 119-141
  7. "One man in two is a woman": linguistic approaches to gender in literary texts, halaman 142-158
  8. Language, gender, and politics: putting "women" and "power" in the same sentence, halaman 161-178
  9. Gender and family interaction, halaman 161-178
  10. Gender and power in on-line communication, halaman 202-228
  11. The relevance of ethnicity, class, and gender in children's peer negotiations, halaman 229-251
  12. The power of gender ideologies in discourse, halaman 252-276
  13. Crossing genders, mixing languages: the linguistic contruction of transgenderism in tonga, halaman 279-301
  14. Claiming a place: gender, knowledge, and authority as emergent properties, halaman 302-326
  15. Constructing and managing male exclusivity in talk-in-interaction , halaman 327-352
  16. Exceptional speakers: contested and problematized gender identities, halaman 353-380
  17. Language and gender in adolescence, halaman 381-400
  18. Language and gendered modernity, halaman 401-422
  19. A marked man: the contexts of gender and etchnicity, halaman 423-443
  20. Gender and language ideologies, halaman 447-467
  21. Gender stereotypes: reproduction and challenge, halaman 468-486
  22. Gender and identity: representation and social action , halaman 487-508
  23. Prestige, cultural models, and other ways of talking about underlying norms and gender, halaman 509-527
  24. Communicating gendered professional identity: competence, cooperation, and conflict in the workplace, halaman 528-549
  25. Linguistic sexism and fiminist linguistic activism, halaman 550-570
  26. "Feminine" workplaces: stereotype and reality, halaman 573-599
  27. Creating gendered demeanors of authority at work and at home , halaman 600-623
  28. Schooled language: language and gender in educational, halaman 624-644
  29. Coercing gender: language in sexual assault adjudication processes, halaman 645-670
  30. Multiple identities: the roles of female parliamentarians, halaman 671-698
  31. Epilogue: reflections on language and gender research, halaman 699-721

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