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ArtikelGovernance Hotspots: Challenges We Must Confront in the Post-September 11 World  
Oleh: Sassen, Saskia
Jenis: Article from Journal - ilmiah internasional
Dalam koleksi: Theory, Culture & Society vol. 19 no. 4 (Agu. 2002), page 233–244.
Topik: hyperdebt; immigration; specialized multilateralisms; trafficking
Fulltext: 233TCAS194.pdf (49.48KB)
Isi artikelMoving on after September 11 will require more than just eliminating organized terrorist networks and providing humanitarian aid, crucial as these two interventions are. There is a much larger landscape of multiple devastations in the global south that the global north cannot escape. While socio-economic devastation may not cause terrorism directly, it does promote extreme responses, such as trafficking in people, and can facilitate recruitment of young people for terrorist activity, both random and organized. These multiple devastations need to be addressed – by world and country leaders, by the supra-national system, by NGOs, by global civil society, by corporate economic actors. The article confines itself to the need for governments' action through new specialized multilateralisms and internationalisms. It argues that we can even make a narrow utilitarian case that it is in the global north's interest to address these issues. The particular cases through which the argument is developed are the growing hyper-indebtedness in the global south and the accumulation of contradictions in the immigration regime prevalent in the global north. Examining these is a way of dissecting the nature of the challenge and identifying specific governance deficits.
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