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ArtikelJeer Pressure : The Behavioral Effects of Observing Ridicule of Others  
Oleh: Olson, James M. ; Janes, Leslie M.
Jenis: Article from Journal - ilmiah internasional
Dalam koleksi: Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin ( vol. 26 no. 4 (2000), page 474-485.
Topik: pressure; observing ridicule; behavioral effects; jeer pressure
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Isi artikelTwo experiments examined "jeer pressure," which is a hypothesized inhibiting effect of observing another person being ridiculed. Jeer pressure was expected to induce conformity to others’ opinions; concern about failing or standing out; and conventional, uncreative thinking. In both experiments, participants observed videotapes containing either other - ridiculing humor, self - ridiculing humor, or nonridiculing or no humor. Participants then completed tasks that assessed conformity, fear of failure, and creativity. Results of both experiments showed that participants who viewed ridicule of others were more conforming and more afraid of failing than were those who viewed self - ridicule or no ridicule. Creativity was not influenced by the humor manipulation. Experiment 2 also included a lexical decision task to assess whether salience of potential rejection mediated the obtained behavioural effects. Salience of rejection mediated the effects of humor on fear of failure but not the effects of humor on conformity.
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