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ArtikelEngineered Riboregulators Enable Post - Transcriptional Control of Gene Expression  
Oleh: Isaacs, Farren J. ; Dwyer, Daniel J. ; Ding, Chunming ; Pervouchine, Dmitri D. ; Cantor, Charles R. ; Collins, James J.
Jenis: Article from Journal - ilmiah internasional
Dalam koleksi: Nature Biotechnology: The Science and Business of Biotechnology vol. 22 no. 7 (Jul. 2004), page 841-847.
Topik: EXPRESSION; engineered riboregulators; post transciprtional control; geen expression
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Isi artikelRecent studies have demonstrated the important enzymatic, structural and regulatory roles of RNA in the cell. Here we present a post transcriptional regulation system in Escherichia coli that uses RNA to both silence and activate gene expression. We inserted a complementary cis sequence directly upstream of the ribosome binding site in a target gene. Upon transcription, this cis repressive sequence causes a stem loop structure to form at the 5', unstranslated region of the mRNA. The stem loop structure interferes with ribosome binding, silencing gene expression. A small noncoding RNA that is expresed in trans targets the cis repressed RNA with high specificity, causing an alteration in the stem loop structure that activates expression. Such engineered riboregulators may lend insight into mechanistic actions of endogenous RNA based processes and could serve as scalable components of biological networks, able to function with any promoter or gene to directly control gene expression.
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