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ArtikelKompetensi Bidang Fungsional dan Profitabiltias: Studi Empiris pada Industri Manufaktur di Indonesia  
Oleh: Ellitan, Lena
Jenis: Article from Journal - ilmiah nasional
Dalam koleksi: Jurnal Penelitian no. 07 (Aug. 1999), page 50-70.
Topik: INDUSTRI MANUFAKTUR; Kompetensi; Fungsional; Profitabilitas; Industri Manufaktur
Fulltext: kompetensi bidang J84 no.7 p.50 agu 1999_win.pdf (6.85MB)
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Isi artikelBusiness organization need to have a competitive advantage to be able to survive in this competitive business environment. The competitive advantage may be built the rough the organizations' functional area of competencies, which are capabilities needed to assure the achievement of strategic objectives succesfuly. This research focuses on three functional areas (marketing, innovation, and manufacturing) that are considered as sources of firm competitive advantage. Overall business performance was evaluated in term of return n Investment (ROI), ROI Growth, Return on Sales (RIS), and ROS growth. The hypotheses predict that marketing, innovation and manufacturing competencies determine the performance of organization. In addition to that, the relationship between the source of competitive advantage and its outcome is also examined. Using the survey data on 92 companies, the hypotheses were tested by applying regression technique. The result shows that marketing and manufacturing competencies have positive and significant effect on profitabillity. This suggests that marketing and manufacturing competencies are key sources of competitive advantage. Innovation competency, on the other hand, has no significant effect in profitability which implies that innovation competency is not a main competitive weapon for manufacturing firms in achieveing their objectives.
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