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ArtikelAnalisa Dampak Akuisis Terhadap Perubahan Nilai Perusahaan Studi Kasus Akuisisi Capital Cities . ABC Oleh Disney  
Oleh: Gunawan, Mona U.F.
Jenis: Article from Journal - ilmiah nasional
Dalam koleksi: Jurnal Penelitian no. 07 (Aug. 1999), page 30-49.
Topik: akuisisi; akuisis; nilai perusahaan; akuisis capital cities; ABC; disney
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Isi artikelMerger and acquisition has become a trend nowadays. Many companies that have ecperienced is argue that merger and acquisition would increase the values of the combined company. The purpose of this research is to analyze whether the Disney's acquisition of Capital Cities / ABC increased the value of the combined company and which shareholders received the most benefit dfrom this deal. The analysis used both qualitative and quantitative approach. The quantitative tool used here was the dicounted cash flow method, a method mostly used by business practitioners. Furthermore, this research wanted to find outh whether capital cities / ABC was wotrth the price Disney paid. As a conclusion, although ABC's value decreased a lot after the acquisition, it was mainly due to unceontrollabe external factors. In addition to that, in asessing ABC, we should look not only at ABC but at Disney as a whole entity. Viewed this way, the acquisition of ABC has actually ebcome a strategic fit, emaning that ABC has a significant role in Disney's strategy, such as n promoting its products. It does not matter if ABC becomes a loss business if by doing that Disney can increase the growth of other businesses.
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