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ArtikelMencari "Ibu" di Antara Para Bapa Gereja  
Oleh: Borgias M., Fransiskus
Jenis: Article from Journal - ilmiah nasional
Dalam koleksi: Jurnal Penelitian no. 07 (Aug. 1999), page 14-29.
Topik: gereja; ibu; bapa gereja
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Isi artikelIt is said that mothers role and contributions have lost from the history of the fathers. Mothers are considered to have no historical contribution Through this research, I woud like to search for mothers among the fathers. Did mothers really have no role in the history of the church ? Were they really hidden by the fathers ? What factors have eliminated mothers ? i believe that mothers had a real role in the life of the fathers. Using textual analyss, combined with Tracy's Analogical Imagination method, I find that there were four roles that had been undertaken by women, namely : Evangelist, Women Prophets, Teacher, and Spiritual Mthers. All these have now lost. Some possible reasons for this loss are : 1. the reproduction of the tradition and the story of women in accordance with the contemporary view and conviction that marginalize women 2. the institutionalization of ministry on church, all positions are given to bishops. 3. the shift of the location of Christian liturgy from house-church to open- public church 4. the canonization of scripture : texts written by female writers are eliminated.If the elimination of women is closely related to cultural matrix of mediteranian view about gendder, whereas new awareness of personality, human rights, justice and equality of gender have now come to the surface, there is a reason then, to hope that there will be a paradigm shift toward justice and equality between man and woman, in the society in geenral, and in church in particular. The foundation for this optimism is Jesus proclamation of Basileia tou Tehou, and the general prieshood of the faithful.
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