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ArtikelTentang Kemungkinan Pengaturan Larangan Praktek Monopoli Dakan Sistem Hukum WTO  
Oleh: Hatta
Jenis: Article from Journal - ilmiah nasional - tidak terakreditasi DIKTI
Dalam koleksi: Jurnal Hukum Pro Justitia vol. XXII no. 1 (Jan. 2004), page 114-122.
Topik: monopoli; monopoli; hukum WTO
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Isi artikelCompetition issues are now being internationalized. Various international organizations, group of states, have been actively involved in efforts to bring some harmonization and convergence to competition rules now in force and to promote modern competition policy rules. The efforts are prompted by the need to create fair climate of international trade which lately has been tarnished by unfair trade practices and private barriers to market access. The inclusion of the subject in WTO discipline is coloured with controversies reflecting divergent point of views and interests amongst states in handling anti - competitive practices in relation to international trade. The present writer is of opinion that the WTO is not an appropriate forum for the review of private restraint and should not develop new competiiton law under its framework at this time.
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