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ArtikelInterpretation of Congruent and Incongruent Affective Communications in Paranoid Schizophrenia  
Oleh: Davis, Penelope J. ; Stewart, Katherine D.
Jenis: Article from Bulletin/Magazine
Dalam koleksi: British Journal of Clinical Psychology vol. 40 no. 3 (2001), page 249-260.
Topik: communication; interpretation; congruent; communications; paranoid schizophrenia
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Isi artikelObjectives. It was hypothesized that people with paranoid schizophrenia would differ from depressed and normal participants in their interpretation of complex communications in which the affect conveyed verbally was either congruent or incongruent with the affect conveyed non - verbally. Design. A 3 (group) × 3 (positive, negative, neutral facial expression) × 3 (positive, negative, neutral verbal content) experimental design was used. There were eight participants per group, and the paranoid and depressed groups comprised inpatients in an acute psychiatric facility for either their first or second psychiatric episode. Methods. Participants, tested individually, were asked to interpret the affect conveyed by the various communications presented. Results. All participants interpreted most of the communications in a similar way. Paranoid schizophrenia patients, however, differed in their interpretation of communications in which negative feelings were expressed verbally. In contrast to both the normal and depressed groups, the paranoid schizophrenia group interpreted these communications as virtually devoid of any affect what so ever. Conclusions. Paranoid schizophrenia patients show an information - processing bias in response to communications involving both congruent and incongruent negative verbal content. It is not obvious why the bias observed would be specific to negative verbal messages and not extend to negative non - verbal messages. Replication and further study are required.
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