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ArtikelIt's A Small World After All : Western Usability Guidelines Predict Behaviour of Chinese Users of On-Line Bookstores  
Oleh: Yau, Josephine K.Y. ; Hayward, William G.
Jenis: Article from Journal - ilmiah nasional - terakreditasi DIKTI
Dalam koleksi: Anima Indonesian Psychological Journal vol. 20 no. 3 (Apr. 2005), page 243-252.
Topik: GUIDELINES; web usability; culture; e - commerce; human - computer interaction
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Isi artikelThe present study examined whether western usability guidelines apply to chinese web sites. Nielsen et al (2000) proposed a set of 207 usability guidelines derived from observations in the field. We took a subset of 48 rules, and looked at the compliance rate (number of guidelines a web site complied with, divided by the total number of guidelines), task completion time, task accuracy, and users' perceived usability and likeability for four chinese online bookstores. Results showed a clear relationship between adherence to the rules and usability of the site, as the website's impliance rate increased, so did the usability and the impression the web site received from its users. These results suggest that the rules governing behaviour of chinese users are similar to those of western users. More generally, this study calls into question the widely - held institution that usability for asian web sites should be different than usability for western sites.
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